Thrift Shop Mom

These ladies takes pride in saying, ‘This outfit only cost me two bucks!’ She's the worst dressed mum in town and her kids are the same..their entire wardrobe is a throwback to the 70s and 80s or whatever era is going on the $5 and under rack. She likes to mock women who spend hundreds of dollars on … [Read more...]

Buns of Steel mom

These moms will let nothing get in the way of her workout, even if it means leaving kids in the car while she’s on the treadmill. Everything revolves around her exercise routine. The child's only social activity is in the gym crèche where he is forced to go twice a day, morning and afternoon. … [Read more...]

Chardonnay Mom

Chardonnay Moms love to pour their first glass of wine at five o’clock…many call it ‘wine o’clock’ claiming it’s the only way to get through the witching hour consisting of cooking, feeding, bathing, bedtime (usually for multiple offspring) will constantly invite mums over for a ‘party’ any excuse … [Read more...]

Can’t Stop Breeding mom

Can't Stop Breeding Moms are that strange breed of mom that does not believe in contraception and for whom taking a year off in between pregnancies is something of a sabbatical. Seven kids? No problem. They are usually condescending towards 'normal' moms who, on average, pop out two-three … [Read more...]

Devils Spawn mom

Devils Spawn moms are the moms of kids who are absolute terrors, the devils you never want to invite to your house…they kick, they scream, they pour orange juice over the carpet, they wipe yogurt on the sofa, they rub vegemite/marmite/promite or whatever dark coloured condiment they get get their … [Read more...]

Wikipedia Mom

In the school playground today, I witnessed Wikipedia Mom lecturing the mother of a dyslexic child about what she needs to do. First, she needs to read the book "the woman who changed her brain" about a woman's struggle with dyslexia that she managed to overcome and achieve her dreams. Of course, … [Read more...]

Too Cool for School

The Cool mom is so laid back her kids would have to be on their death bed before she drags them to a doctor. Her two year old just fell off a two metre monkey bar, no problem. If she's crying, she's not dead. Her son fell off his skateboard, he's sitting on the sidewalk nursing his badly grazed … [Read more...]

All About Me Mom

All About Me Mom insists on telling her stories, whether or not you want to hear it. If your kid just spent the day in ER after swallowing half a bottle of nail polish remover, her kid was in intensive care for a month after a brain haemorrhage. She is not interested in your story. She wants to tell … [Read more...]

Olympic Mom

It's always a delight bumping into Olympic Mom. Yes, the lady who delights in telling me that her having kids 15 months apart is 'harder' than having twins. Back then I stopped myself from reminding her my twins were born TWO MINUTES apart because no matter what I say, she will one-up me. Motherhood … [Read more...]

Germ Phobic Mom

We spent two hours in the park today and amazed to see how sparkling clean the playground equipment looked...and then we noticed Germ Phobic Mom with a bottle of disinfectant and a towel - giving the slide and swings a good rub down. I'll never forget visiting her in hospital when she'd given birth … [Read more...]