The Pacifier/Dummy police

Those of us who have committed the 'sin' of using a pacifier/dummy, mostly out of desperation to drastically reduce the volume of a screaming child, would have met the Pacifier Police mom. She likes to harass other Moms whose little darlings use a pacifier, lecturing them about how bad it is for the … [Read more...]

Scream from the Sidelines Mom

The soccer gossip is in overdrive as the Scream from the Sidelines Mom was spotted with a single Dad from the kids school who happens to be the coach of the Under 11s. Buns of Steel Mom and Coffee Mum were discussing the scandal this morning, not bothering to whisper. In fact, they were speaking at … [Read more...]

Cold Blaming Mom

The Cold Blaming Mom was on the warpath today. See, three days ago she hosted mother's group at her place and now her little darling has a runny nose. Who gave her the cold? She is determined to track down the appalling excuse of a mother who dared to bring her kid to her home, knowing he/she had a … [Read more...]

Social Network Mom

Social Network Mom is at it again. She's miffed her little darling missed out on an invitation to the 'party of the year' - the 5th birthday party of Joshua T, whose mother is a small time actress on a local soap. So, feeling the rage, she took to facebook and twitter, posting updates about how … [Read more...]

Mean Mom

Tracy B is the Mean Mom. She's always shouting at her kids. In fact, they're terrified of her. She won't let them have friends over to play because she's worried they will make a mess of her house. If her child uses a word that he has never heard of, like Chaos, she will refuse to tell them what it … [Read more...]

Beware of Natural Birth Interrogator Mom

There seems to be a new breed of mom that gave birth naturally and delight in criticizing mothers who didn't; even when a caesarian is performed in a life-saving situation! She tells pregnant women, "Oh I hope you don’t have to have a Caesar. It will take away the importance of womanhood."Following … [Read more...]

abduction mom

The Abduction Mom is paranoid to the point of lunacy that her little darling will be kidnapped. She forces her child to wear a harness; not to safeguard against him running into the traffic, but in the event a stranger might suddenly snatch him from under her gaze. She also checks her child … [Read more...]

Afternoon tea with Neat Freak Mom

Neat Freak mom lives as though there are no children in the house. If a child drops even a crumb of a cookie, these Moms will whip out the vacuum cleaner in an instant. She virtually much neglects her kids because she is so busy dusting and cleaning up after them. Of course, she always takes spare … [Read more...]

Wikipedia Mom

My friend Katie is a Wikipedia mom. She is a walking encyclopedia on everything to do with fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, raising kids etc. You name it, she will tell you all about it. Over and over again! It doesn’t matter if you have experienced something that they haven’t; they still know … [Read more...]

My first encounter

My first inkling the Mommy Mafia existed was when I found myself in a crowded doctors’ waiting room with my two-week old twins asleep at my feet. The room was filled with mothers talking a mile a minute, looking proud, frazzled, drowsy, worried, lonely, bored, happy, and totally kaput. It sounded … [Read more...]