The Park

It was raining today but that didn't stop me taking the kids to the park and my 4 year old jumps on a swing - he's only swinging for three minutes when Playground Police mom appears with her stop watch. "You have two more minutes then it's my little girl's turn," she said. I tell her, " Who the … [Read more...]

Nanny Mom

Nanny Mom was so busy shopping for new light fittings for the new house, she left her tribe with Helga. Or was it Gunta? She fires those European nannies over the smallest thing. The last one was ordered to leave the house because she 'stole' a biscuit from the family cupboard and left wet towels on … [Read more...]

Chardonnay Mom

Chardonnay Moms love to pour their first glass of wine at five o’clock…many call it ‘wine o’clock’ claiming it’s the only way to get through the witching hour consisting of cooking, feeding, bathing, bedtime (usually for multiple offspring) will constantly invite mums over for a ‘party’ any excuse … [Read more...]

Nanny Mom

The Nanny Mom she is accompanied by a younger, usually more attractive, woman who is carrying the baby bag and pushing the stroller so her employer can walk hands-free. Nanny Mom leaves all the work to her nanny, yet still complains and then fires them like they’re a dime a dozen. When it’s … [Read more...]

Agoraphobic Mom

Agoraphobic Mom lives in a cocoon of motherhood. She will not come to see you; you have to visit her. They are the Mommy Princess, in self-imposed exile from their former world. Their life revolves around the home. Most Agoraphobic Moms have fancy play equipment installed in their back yards, thus … [Read more...]

neat freak mom

Neat Freak Mom...these women live as though there are no children in the house. If a child drops even a crumb of a cookie, these Moms will whip out the vacuum cleaner in an instant. She pretty much neglects her kids because she is so busy dusting and cleaning up after them. She always takes spare … [Read more...]

Afraid of the Sun Mom

It was a slightly overcast day and I met my lovely friend Afraid of the Sun Mom somewhere between the park bench and the dangerous spider web climbing frame the My Child's Body Is A Temple Moms always avoid...the sun was barely peeping between the clouds when Afraid of the Sun Mom pounced on her … [Read more...]

Extra-Curricular Mom

It's Monday and I had a lovely catchup with my friend Extra-Curricular Mom. Dead Giveaway? Her kids have dark circles under their eyes due to exhaustion from multiple activities. Extra-Curricular Mom signs her kids up for everything; from baby gym, to swimming, to ballet, to paint classes. She feels … [Read more...]