Extra Curricular Mom

Extra Curricular Mom – the Moms who sign their kids up for everything; from baby gym, to swimming, to ballet, to paint classes.
For some bizarre reason, these women feel the pressure of having to do everything for their child. Usually they are only children, so mom wants to give them the best of the best, all the experiences they can get their chubby hands on. Flamenco dancing, gymbaroo, swimming lessons, jitterbugs music classes, toddler fitness, karate ..anything to fill up their time. Also so the kids are so exhausted by the time they get home they are near comatose, begging for bed, so the mom gets a ‘break’ at last


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    I can count on my 2 hands how many moms I know who are like this. My husband and I have agreed that each of our children will only have 1 extra curricular activity at a time (provided their GPA’s are good) once they’re old enough to get involved in activities. I cannot imagine having 4 kids in 8 different activities. I’d go insane!

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    Nope not me…lol…I do know some people like this though…we like being at home or going out as a family..not running around like our heads are chopped off…Hope you are doing well! :)

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    Great to hear that there is going to be a Mommy Mafia Film. The Extra Curricalur Mom will be hysterical to watch. Moms who unknowingly make their lives so much harder than they have to be by filling in their children’s days with way too much. Quality not Quantity is Key.
    Claire McFee
    Creator Organize Your Life

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