Fatal Females

fatal females

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Women are supposed to be tender and loving – not knife-wielding vampires or gun-toting hijackers.  Yet throughout history, there’s been no shortage of less than law-abiding ladies.

Let journalist Libby-Jane Charleston take you on a chilling journey through a gallery of women who have smashed our perceptions of the stereotypical feminine persona: from meek Russian librarian Lucy Dudko, who commandeered a helicopter to break her boyfriend out of prison; to suburban sex goddess Michelle Burgess, who hired a hit man to take out her lover’s wife; and Katherine Knight, who killed, skinned and cooked her partner to serve to his children

Read these true stories and delve into the dark and disturbing lives of Australia’s most fatal females.

Praise for Fatal Females

Libby-Jane Charleston doesn’t just give us the bald facts of her fatal females’ lives. She dissects and illuminates their motivations in her gutsy inimitable style, posing questions for which there may never be clear answers.
~ Katerina Cosgrove, Bone Ash Sky

As a journalist I found this a gripping read. It’s incredibly entertaining as well as being a fascinating insight into why women commit horrendous crimes. LJ Charleston is a great story teller who manages to educate as well as enthral.
~ Juanita Phillips, ‘ABC TV anchor and author of “A Pressure Cooker Saved My Life.”

Fatal Females is sophisticated, intelligent, thought provoking and all too real
~ Jacinta Tynan, “Good Man Hunting.”

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