Guilt-Ridden Mom

These women have sleepless nights if they put their child in front of television for more than ten minutes so that they can get on the computer and reply to a few emails. If Guilt Ridden Mom spends more than ten minutes in the shower, she feels guilty for neglecting her kids. If she reads five books to her kids at night she feels guilty that she didn’t read a sixth book.If one of her kids gets a cold, she feels guilty because it must be her fault. “Oh, no I haven’t been giving them enough vitamin C!” she says. If they’re not doing well at school, she blames herself. If they get into an argument and use their fists, she feels guilty for exposing them to violent cartoons. The guilt-list is endless and this woman is constantly emotionally exhausted. Her friend, Botox mom, is always telling her, “You gotta do something about those frown lines!”


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