Home School Mom

Home School Mom has one rule – school is an unnecessary evil and the only person who is equipped to teach your children properly is YOU! Not only does this mom teach her kids everything from geography to arithmetic, she has a problem letting go of her kids, even if they beg, ‘Please mum, let me go to school. I want to play with other kids!” Home School Mom loves to tell people that she is a teacher, even though she’s had no training. There’s no need to let her kids interact with other children. Home school kids can happily mingle with other kids at the supermarket and the park. Plus, once a week there is an arranged play date with other home school kids, so they can socialise with their own kind. Shouldn’t they socialise with kids who aren’t so secluded from society? No way! They might learn bad language or unnecessary life skills from kids that are shoved into the evil school system.

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