Mini-Me Mom

Mini Me moms are usually moms of girls…nothing makes her happier than seeing her little darlings wearing the same clothes as hers (if their child is a son, they often do the androgynous thing. Why the hell not? Life is all about finding a new challenge, isn’t it?)

When MM Mom goes shopping for clothes she will buy something that she likes, such as a lilac jacket with a matching skirt and then will not stop until she finds an identical one for her daughter. She laps up the comments, ‘Oh, you’ve got a little clone,’ the people say. Even when people are sarcastic, she still laps it all up as affirmation of her accomplishment. One MM mom even dyed her child s hair blond so that they would look more alike, as she was sick of people telling her she looks like her brunette father. Ditto with the son.


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    Hahaha. I call one of my daughter’s mini-me, but that’s because she LOOKS identical to me at the same age. I’d die if she dressed the same as me – a 43y.o. and a 7y.o.????? I have seen it with younger mums I have to say though…

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    One only has to walk down Bayview Terrace in fashionable Claremont, Western Australia to see a Mini-Me Mom in full stride. Mother 45ish, daughter 15. Which is which? The advent of botox and the acceptance of bare mid-drifts in public are partly to blame. But it’s really just bad taste.

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