Molly Coddle Mom

Molly Coddle Mom – this lady is killing her kids with kindness. The most pampered (annoying) kids on the street. She usually insists on her kids calling her by her Christian name, she doesn’t really want to be a mum she wants to be a best friend. Anything the kids want, she will get it for them. They will never want for anything. Too bad if they’ve just had their second candy bar, if they desire a third, they’ll get it.
If her son hits another kid, this mum will barely stop short of congratulating him for his excellent fighting skills. A boxer in the making? She has the ability to turn every single situation into a positive one. Bad grades at school? Don’t worry honey, that That just means you’re going to be a sporting superstar. You’re crap at all sports, never mind honey, you’ll be a scientist. Her son has bad grades and is crap at sports, no problem, you’re going to be a famous artist. There is no room for reality for this mum.


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