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Well here it is! After decades of authoring books, media reporting and now as an Associate Editor of Huffington Post Australia I’m so excited to pass on a little bit of wisdom for those eager to put pen to paper but just need the motivation to do so.

Whether it is memoir, fiction, a children’s picture book, creative non-fiction, historical or erotica, most of us believe we have a story inside us that is literally aching to be told.

That’s why I have developed my 5- Day Writer’s Warm Up and 30-Day Writer’s Workout program.

I’m ready to start NOW!

What’s the program all about?

Saying you want to write a book and actually starting and finishing a book are as completely at odds as a person saying they want to make a short film and actually going out and shooting it. You must get to a point where you stop talking about it and just get on with it.

My 5-Day Warm Up is a prerequisite to my 30-day Writer’s Workout program, although both are mutually exclusive within their own space.

When you complete the first five days, however, you will not only be in the state of mind ready to proceed to the intensive 30-day program will give you a clear direction of where you want your book to go and I will potentially mentor you through to your first draft. Yay.

Better still, for a short time only I’m giving access to BOTH programs for a very low cost of $59.99 (which is a massive discount).

What to expect?

  • A collection of emails designed to get you in the right frame of mind to write a book.
  • Access to customised programs dependent on your chosen writing genre (fiction, non-fiction, memoir)
  • Exercises to help you generate ideas and effectively start thinking outside the box
  • Daily tasks and simple exercises (that you will actually enjoy), to give you guidance and reassure you that you are on the right track

We recommend you dedicate just 30-mins to 1-hour each day to complete each daily module. Some will achieve their objective faster than others.

Ready to warm up?

Great! Here’s what you do! Just click the following link below to sign up. You’ll receive instant access to the course material and can start your program as soon as you select your writing genre.

‘m ready to start BOTH programs NOW (just $59.99)!



I really didn’t think I had it in me to start a book, let alone finish one! But the KickStart program gave me so many tools and just the right amount of encouragement to see me through until the very end! I still can’t believe I’ve written a book!

Karen, 42, Sydney

I’d really urge anyone who has ever dreamed of being a novelist to do this fun course. I learnt so much about myself, and the writing skills I always knew I had. Don’t procrastinate any longer, just get moving now!

Simon, 28, Perth

This was just the ‘kick up the butt’ I needed to motivate me to start and finish my memoir. The program is easy to follow and makes you realise that if you’re determined to write a book – you will!

Lynne, 37, Colorado


Do I need any experience as a writer to do the course?

No you don’t need any writing experience, just a very strong desire to write your book. You also need to be highly motivated and committed to actually finishing the course.

Do I need a book idea to start the course?

No you don’t have to have a solid book idea. It is perfectly okay to begin the course simply knowing you have an urge to write a book. Once you start the Warm Up course you will have a clear path towards your ultimate writing goals. We will help you come up with ideas and show you how to turn your ideas into reality.

Will this course teach me to write?

No. This is not a writing course. It will, however, provide the stimulus, structure and a range of tasks to help you get pen to paper and think like an author.

What is covered in the course?

The course covers the main three writing genres: fiction, non-fiction and memoir. Once you choose your writing genre, the course will lead you through a day-by-day process, which will assist you with everything from the basics of story-telling to the method used to write a work of non-fiction or your memoir.

How can I pay for the course?

We take payment though out secure credit card and PayPal transaction. Note: This program is powered my a marketing platform called MoreInformation. Therefore ‘MoreInformation” is the name that will appear on your statement.

How much is the course?

The Writer’s Warm Up and Writer’s Workout combined can usually cost up to AUD$85.00, but for a short time only, you can do BOTH from just AUD$59.99. Which is a steal when you think that everything I know and have learnt is available to guide you through the process.

Yes, I want to join the program (Reduced AUD$59.99) 

Hi, I'm Libby-Jane Charleston. I wrote my first book in 2009 and have since produced four published books both fiction and non fiction, but that isn't what I'm here to talk about. The point is, I understand the feeling of having a story inside and not knowing where to start and, together with my studies in literature and experience as a journalist, I have developed a sure fire way to get you started on your own personal masterpiece.

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