Scream from the Sidelines Mom

This mom is more than an enthusiastic sports parent, she is obsessed with the idea her child is the next David Beckham. She screams at her child for every goal, every missed goal, every kick and every missed kick. “Harrison! You’re looking the wrong way! The ball is behind you, you idiot!” Yet, at the same time, she likes the idea of her child being wrapped in cotton wool and gets mildly hysterical if another child’s boot ever so slightly grazes his precious shin. This is when Scream from the Sidelines mom turns her attention to other parents. “Your child is a violent menace to society!” Beware of this mom, she is very scary.


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    Sounds downright scary!! I just know moms ike this exist though based on what my sister has told me (she has older kids who are involved in sports). I totally anticipate bumping into them as my kids get more involved in sports. Yikes!

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    I am not ready to meet that mom…We have had four pleasent soccer seasons so far and about to start our fifth. Hopefully we don’t meet this mom…

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    LJ, I know one mum in particular that is like this and you’re right she is SCARY! In her case I think one day her child will say “get nicked Mum” and then all of a sudden, she won’t have a life!

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