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The Sling Mom loves to keep her kid in a baby sling long after they are able to walk around. They also love to lecture moms who use a pouch that the sling is better for the child. ‘Don’t you realize a Baby Bjorn forces your child to sleep in an upright position? It isn’t natural!” they say. According to Sling mom, who usually hang out with Extreme Alternative mom and My Child’s Body is a Temple mom, the sling makes the baby feel like it’s back inside the womb. Why would they want to go back? It’s no fun in a sling, no matter what kind of fashionable material the darn thing is made out of, especially as the poor kid gets banged into whatever his mom walks into. Ok I’m speaking from experience here. I had a sling when my singleton Dash was a baby and yes I had several – my favorite? It was denim. As far as slings go, this was sort of cool. But because I am uncoordinated at the best of times, the poor kid sustained several minor bruises because everytime I entered the front door, I would – without fail – manage to whack him against the hallway shelf. Slings are great for the first few weeks but to all those moms who think putting a 3 year old in them is a good thing – let him walk or put him in his stroller. It’s time to put the sling in the box in the back shed until the day you can stand to be parted from it. Out of sight, out of mind.


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    I find that funny! I have a sling but only used it one time. My poor back can’t handle the weight and this was when he was little, I couldn’t imagine caring him now in a sling at 22 lbs. I don’t know how any mom could do it but I have seen it.

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    Yeah I could never get used to the sling! It just seemed awkward for me. I preferred the Baby Bjorn and so did my kids. But I do know some moms who insist that the Moby Wrap is the only way to go…good for them but they should keep the judgement to themselves!

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