The Mommy Mafia

mommy mafia cover final

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At last, here’s a confronting yet humorous look at mother stereotypes. Think you’re not a cliché? Think again!

The Mommy Mafia by LJ Charleston is a guide to every conceivable Mother type, with each parenting style brutally revealed.  Author LJ Charleston has created The Mommy Mafia as a primer to personality profiling for mothers.  We all know a Boot Camp Mom, but recognizing you are one is part of the fun of taking a light look at the toughest job in the world – being a mother.

Olympic, Germ Phobic, Chardonnay, Runaway, Lazy, Wikipedia, or Afraid of the Sun Mom – which mother are you?

From Olympic Mom (My kid was walking at nine months, what’s wrong with yours?) to Can’t Stop Breeding Mom (six kids and another on the way!) Thrift Shop Mom (this dress only cost me $2!) to Natural Birth Interrogator Mom (WHY did you have a C-section? You really missed out on the real motherhood experience!)

Remember, in motherhood, a woman is more dangerous than a shotgun.

If you thought meeting the parents was tough, now it’s time to meet the mothers!